Monday, May 10, 2010

would banning anonymous comments reduce cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is the harassment of computer users (often teens and preteens) through various forms of Internet communication. The behavior typically occurs via e-mail, instant messaging, and chat rooms.
The bullying may be in the form of threats, spreading of rumours or humiliation. And usually the perpetrators remain anonymous.Requests on anonymous comments in chat rooms were asked to be banned and true identity's should be provided. Problem is, anonymity and privacy are one of the rights we have as people.
Do you really think that this basic right should be enforced on this matter?? Because other matters are as a result infringed. Whats your on take??

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just keep walking and just be strong...

Blogging is a word processing unit where people and followers read your blog and are entitled to comment on your posts and become part of your la vida mocha by interacting with other bloggers. Blogging has become the fastest way of sharing scoop (info). Well known bloggers range from our very own GP's gossip gangsta Mika Stefano to Mr Perez Hilton.
So welcome to my world feel free to post anyTHANG...AND LETS ALL BE CHANA'S :-)

To start off, this blog is created to show the male species that yes,as ladies, we do have a way of just not being able to LET GO and LET LIVE. But this is because we are lead to believe that there's something to hold on to. Where as, as ladies, we make it VERY clear to the fella's when we JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!!

* If she swap’s around her last two cell phone digits, (it's for a reason, she doesn’t plan on seeing herself ever answering your calls), so don't go tracking her down to inform her about your latest discovery.

* If you call her, and her friend answers to tell you that she is sleeping or she left her phone at her house. I mean reallllly now!!

* If she seems to be talking with everyone around you, except you.

* If she gives you one word answers (no she is not short of breathe, you just short of everything she expects and as a result, you mean nothing to her at that point and time).

* If she seems to be busy every time you try get her attention.

* If you spot her walking opposite directions or walking faster and the usual sign would be if her friend suddenly blocks her view from you.

* If her guy friend suddenly calls her girlfriend or if she surprisingly calls out to her guy friend boyfriend...then


LADIES, can you think of any other signs that we might need to share to help our dearest males??? Also if you have stories to share, do feel free.
GENTLEMEN, do you have anything to say? lol, or stories to share?? Feel free to enlighten us.